Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Developments in BlackBerry

There are very many things that can be said in favor of the BlackBerry, especially by the people that have had the good fortune of using at least one of the products. One thing however stands out from the rest whenever an examination of the company is undertaken. The BlackBerry is a product that you can rely on to deliver value for your money. Even though the prices of most of these products are relatively high in comparison to others, you should note that the quality of the products is also a cut above the rest and therefore buying any one of them would be a very good investment.

Subsidiaries of the company located in different parts of the world, such as BlackBerry Philippines are responsible for the distribution of RIM’s innovative products. Recently, RIM added a brand new product to the list. This was deemed by many to be the greatest product ever to be launched by the company, but unfortunately, the sales of the BlackBerry PlayBook have not really been able to replicate the high expectations that rode on its launch.

Many keen players in the mobile telecommunications industry have issues with the number of BlackBerry PlayBook apps that are available to the users of this tablet PC. The total number of such applications which can be downloaded from RIM’s BlackBerry apps world is only about 2000. This number is very small and becomes even more insignificant when it is reviewed against the number of applications that are available for other tablet PCs, some of which have more that one hundred thousand applications in total. The manufacturers of the tablet have put in a lot of effort in correcting this deficiency and recently, RIM announced that it is in the process of reviewing a number of new applications from outside companies. Users of the tablet can therefore expect to receive new life in terms of increased applications in the coming years. In the meantime, they will have to contend with the meager number of applications available. It is worth pointing out at this point that the gadgets come with a number of pre- installed applications, especially the ones deemed to be the most popular.

It is important to find out the BlackBerry PlayBook specs if you are looking to buy the tablet. Knowing the specifications of the BlackBerry PlayBook will help you make better judgment concerning the kind of BlackBerry PlayBook accessories that you will have to buy.

The PlayBook Is Manufactured By a Company with a Reputable History

When shopping for a product that is expected to bring a lot of value to the life of a client, it is important to choose a company that has a good history with such products, as well as one that will meet their needs adequately. When it comes to shopping for electronic gadgets such as phones and tablet computers, there are a lot of companies in existence that deal with these products. The competition between the companies is very stiff, although there are companies that have an upper hand when it comes to the quality of the products that they manufacture, as well as the recognition that they have received over the years. If you have any PlayBook questions you can get support from BlackBerry help and support.

BlackBerry is one of the most trusted brands and offers high quality products when it comes to phones and tablet computers. The best tablets on the market are those that have all the features required to work effectively, as well as what the user needs in terms of business and pleasure functionality. The BlackBerry PlayBook support is one of the best in the world, because of the level of technology employed and the features built into its hardware. This PlayBook support is designed to compete against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy tablets and the latest Apple iPad. The advantage that this PlayBook has above its competitors is the fact that it can support various Android applications, as well as BlackBerry Java.

The PlayBook software operates with the v1.05 OS, whose installation is easy and makes the performance of the tablet much better. The features that are in the PlayBook which you will not find in other tablets include Facebook applications, wireless internet hotspot detection, highly advanced video chat and support for additional languages. The PlayBook has superior processing speeds due to the dual-core processor of 1GHz. This allows the user to deal with several applications at the same time.

The PlayBook has a 7 inch touch sensitive screen that offers the user the best video and photo resolution of all tablets. The cameras at the back and at the front, 5 megapixels and 3 megapixels respectively, allow the recording of high quality videos, as well as live video chatting. In addition, the PlayBook brought about a relationship between Adobe and Research in Motion, whereby the BlackBerry PlayBook supports Adobe flash player, something other portable devices are unable to do. This product comes at a very affordable price, considering the level of features and technology used in it.

The Bold- A Phone of Uniqueness

Many people have already decided on which kind of a Smartphone they would like to have, even though they really do not have the specific smartphones with them. For the BlackBerry lovers, it may be a difficult decision to make, considering that some of the products that RIM manufactures are top-of-the-rim products, combining efficiency with power. Not only so, but the products that form the BlackBerry smartphone line-up will always come as a sleek beauty to most people.

RIM has decided to focus its attention on providing the end-user with a multi-dimensional phone, whose application and systems run with the sole purpose of turning the handset into a small portable office. The BlackBerry Bold family is a collection of phones that form a series of ascending advancement in technology, having successive phones containing features that are better advanced than their consecutive predecessors are. The BlackBerry 9900 is the highlight of this staircase, having unmatched features. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a successor of the Bold 9860, a phone that RIM might as well had settled for, since it was a smartphone of many unique features.

In comparison with other famous brands, one can be mistaken and thus undermine the power and uniqueness of the BlackBerry Bold family. The image that forms it, containing a screen that is virtually smaller than the rest of the powerhouses’ smartphones, might make it seem a little less superior to them. Such brands from LG, Apple, Samsung and HTC may seem to have a greater outlook compared to the BlackBerry 9900. This may be because these phones have a screen that makes up the whole arena that key the data; a feature that is becoming popular among these smartphones.

The BlackBerry 9900 specs will convince many people of its uniqueness. It contains a QWERTY keypad that makes it easier to type through the phone. This means that the phone will be used more effectively while making emails and chatting with friends on social networking sites like Facebook. It is one of the thinnest of BlackBerry phones with a 2.8-inch screen, which makes the images of the phone look very sharp whenever one is viewing pictures through them. BlackBerry Bold 9900 has a 1.2GHz processor, which seems to be one of the highest for a smartphone.

With such an introduction to the BlackBerry family, it would be of interest to get one, and try out its new features. The Bold will give a feel like no other phone from any other place.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Customers Are First At RIM

Have you ever purchased a product that promised you the world, and then been sorely disappointed, when said miraculous product failed to deliver on its promises, or broke after an hour of use? We all have, and we have all have tried to contact customer service or technical support to have our technical issues and concerns addressed. However, thanks to advances in technology, many customers have experienced the automated customer services and technical support suites that have become standard at most consumer-driven companies. You know the ones I am referring to, readers. You know the ones where the metallic, robotic voice greets the caller, “Thank you for calling “Company-X’s” Technical Support Division. If, you have billing questions, press one, and you’ll be transferred to the appropriate computer within the hour. If however, you have become so frustrated with your new miraculous whatever, that you wish to run it over several times with your SUV, then press two and we will attempt, unsuccessfully to rectify your issue.” Because of these recent developments, customer reviews often award low marks to products due to a lack of genuine customer service and understanding.

While many companies have been overrun by technology, and lost the most vital part of a company, the customer, in a maze of wires, internet connections, and telephone lines, one company has never lost sight of the customer’s paramount importance to a successful business. RIM, the makers of fourth-generation BlackBerry devices and accessories has provided one of the best customer and technical support systems available on the market. For instance, BlackBerry Support has been divided into several different organizations. Should a customer experience technical difficulties with their Smart Phone, then they can be connected to a section of support that specializes in troubleshooting and updating cell phone software.

This is also true where the BlackBerry PlayBook is concerned. For example, if a person experiences difficulties with their PlayBook or any of its associated applications, then PlayBook apps support can offer helpful assistance with troubleshooting and software updates via the internet, in traditional establishments, and through the telephone. At the same time, BlackBerry PlayBook Contact offers an innovative application, which allows the user to freely transfer address books and other contact information from one fourth-generation device to another. According to online research, this particular has experienced its share of problems, since its release in August of 2011. However, PlayBook support has been further divided into specific departments dealing with PlayBook Contact Support. Based on this information, the BlackBerry PlayBook and other fourth-generation devices from RIM offer the apex of performance and customer support.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The BlackBerry PlayBook, Setting the Standard in Tablet Computers

The Tablet market is ever expanding and its clients’ appetites are still not satisfied. Players in the computer market are in a position where they thought that laptops and phones would keep dominating, until the first tablet was manufactured. As there are many manufacturers, the computers being released are always an improvement on the previous model, thus the newest models have the best features as well as the best prices.

The Apple iPad was the first of tablets on the market and the response of consumers was overwhelming. This was followed by the Samsung Galaxy tablet that got almost similar interest from buyers and, ever since, manufacturers have been competing when it comes to the manufacture of the tablet. The latest arrival on the market is the BlackBerry PlayBook that has some of the best BlackBerry BlackBerry PlayBook support on the market. This gadget, since its launch, has attracted buyers from all over the world; and is the first real threat to the Apple iPad series.

Some of the features of the PlayBook include its 7 inch touch screen that offers the best video quality, as well as multitasking abilities. This gadget has two cameras, one on the back to allow the user to record videos and take pictures in HD; the other is the front facing camera that allows the user to engage in video chat, a feature that is very useful both for business people and people who want to have a good time. The PlayBook software is so advanced that it is compatible with Adobe flash player. Adobe flash player enables users to view PDF files as well as play and download media that requires a flash player. This quality is a great improvement over other tablets.

The PlayBook Question of delicacy is well addressed by the manufacturers who ensure users of a tough exterior as well as a high quality interior. The BlackBerry PlayBook support is the best on the market, as it allows the user to have 3G connectivity. It has a 1GB RAM and a 1GHz processor for some of the fastest processing speeds. The storage capacity varies depending on the consumers’ requirements from 16 to 64 GB; giving them the ability to store anything that they think of is use.
The PlayBook is not only useful for business, but has the ability to transform into an entertainment unit by allowing users to download movies and music in HD quality. The user can play any of their favorite games, listen to music and browse the web, all at the same time without compromising any of the applications.

The BlackBerry Phone Case

This technology age has brought about a lot of advancement in the way people communicate and through which means they do so. The mobile phones are some of the fastest growing gadgets, with very many manufacturers are trying to justify the superiority of their respective brands in comparison with the rest. With this form of competition, the development of the phone from being a simple communication device to being an all in one office and entertainment unit is the result. As mobile phone companies try to curve out a market for themselves when it comes to beauty and design, others do so in terms of features, others applications and others in terms of price.

The BlackBerry bold 9900 is mentioned as the most advanced in the market, because of its diverse applications, the BlackBerry 9900 specs, software, and its customary QWERTY keyboard. The manufacturers of the BlackBerry bold 9900, as well as other BlackBerry phones; realize the need for a case that will protect their phones from external factors. Other phone cases are available in the market though the Blackberry cases are specific. When an interested buyer goes online in search for a BlackBerry 9900 case, they will most likely land on the Otterbox solutions.
Otterbox produce very effective cases because of the advanced research they conduct on the functionality and needs of a phone. They have cases for different types of phones, which are designed to protect each one according to their design. For example, the Defender series of cases are ideal for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 because of the multi-layer design it has as well as the belt clip that is of heavy-duty quality.

Most of these BlackBerry 9900 cases have a custom designed inner skeleton that is hard enough to protect the phones while including cutouts that let the user access all the exterior features of the phone. The hard shell is lined with a silicone layer that is soft and comfortable. The interior make-up of the phone ensures that the phone remains in the right position. The push- through technology of the silicone allows the user to press any buttons on their BlackBerry while at the same time protects it.

The Defender has a screen film that covers the touch screen of the phone, by the use of static-adhesive. This film ensures that the glare of the phone is reduced and protects it from the scratches that may appear. The advantage in having this case is that, the user maintains full functionality of the phone while still keeping it covered and protected. Therefore, the next time you shop for a phone case for the BlackBerry, the defender is the way to go.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coach, Put the PlayBook In

People have often compared events in life to sporting events, which is why this article bears this particular title. Anyone who has a child who is an athlete has said, or heard another parent say a derivation of this title to a sports coach at least once in their life. Coaches too have heard their assistants make similar recommendations to them. While some may not understand why an article that deals with BlackBerry products would utilize a sports analogy as a title, choosing mobile communications products for business and pleasure is quite similar to fielding a winning sports team. Just like university or professional sports teams select players based on their talents and prospects for continued development, the customer who seeks to invest in fourth-generation technology such as the a smart phone or tablet must carefully weigh their wants and ambitions against every product’s strengths and weaknesses.

The internet and other media are currently awash with all manner of reviews and commentaries that claim that RIM’s latest creation, the BlackBerry PlayBook does not stack up against its competition. However, these claims are complete fabrications. RIM has developed a completely new operating system that is designed expressly for use with PlayBook. This new OS guarantees faster processing speeds, better multitasking capabilities, and access to applications, which had been only available to subscribers on other fourth-generation networks. This has greatly improved the capabilities of the PlayBook, and placed its users above the herd.

This increased performance has caused the widespread availability of applications for the purposes of entertainment and business for BlackBerry subscribers. Furthermore, RIM has made great strides in the realm of technical support and customer service, providing access to trained experts through the worldwide web, traditional on-site BlackBerry retailers, and over the phone. While many other companies run their customer service as one unified department, RIM has eased the customer’s access to PlayBook support, by dividing customer services and technical support for their fourth-generation tablet from those associated with other BlackBerry devices.

For example PlayBook apps support provides customers with necessary software updates needed to allow both your PlayBook and your personally-selected PlayBook applications to continue functioning properly. Furthermore, PlayBook offers a unique application that allows the user to transfer address books and other personal contact information between their BlackBerry devices at will. This application is called BlackBerry PlayBook contact, and also allows the subscriber instant access to BlackBerry’s native e-mail servers. This app is so crucial to users, that RIM has given this app its own division of customer support, PlayBook contact support. The wealth of features and variants of technical support available can make the BlackBerry PlayBook your family’s or company’s MVP this year.